Four suspects arrested in armed robbery investigations.

On Wednesday at approximately 07.20 P.M. four persons were arrested by police in the Simpson bay area suspected of being involved in several armed robberies which recently occurred on the French and the Dutch side of the island. The arrests took place based on information that came in from the French gendarmes after a robbery on the French side on Wednesday evening. These suspects are three men and one woman. They were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station and put into custody for further investigation. The follow-up investigation done by detectives indicated that the suspects in question are most probably responsible for at least four recent armed on the Dutch side. The female suspect was released on Thursday January 14th. Two of the suspects are 17 years of age and one is 18 years old. There was also an outstanding arrest warrant for one of these suspects. All three suspects remain in custody for further investigation. The vehicle the suspects were driving at the time of the arrest has been confiscated for further investigation.