Update on ongoing murder investigation. (The “GONINI” case)

The Public Prosecutors Office and the Police Department are informing the general public, that in connection with the ongoing investigation regarding the murder of Roberto Gumbs which took place on November 24th 2015 at the K.A.R.E. Gumbs Supermarket on Middle region road, the investigating team is still actively and tirelessly doing their utmost to bring the case to a close. The investigation team is however making an appeal to the general public who may have witnessed what happened that evening to come forward and share this information with the investigating officers.


The investigation team is also in search of possible witnesses who, on the evening of the murder, may have seen a small light blue vehicle in or around the area and are also very interested in any other information that is relevant to this investigation.

The phone numbers to call are #9300 (tip line) or 54-22222 ext 215


Combating crime is not only a police problem but a community problem. The police cannot do it alone and are depending on the community to assist in combating crime.