NA Mp Silveria Jacobs

Today marks the beginning of a new path towards the same goal I embarked on five years ago upon entering this arena with the National Alliance.
I sought then and have continously sought to be a champion of the people in whatever capacity I could serve.
Since the last election,  having received an overwhelming mandate from the people, I willingly took the path as a Member of Parliament to represent the people of St . Maarten to the best of my ability and have gained much insight and grown tremendously as a result. I take this time to thank you for the confidence shown in me. I also thank the President of Parliament and my colleagues for the experience provided as a new MP. I thank the Griffiers and staff of Parliament for their unbiased and professional service to me during my tenure and look forward to seeing them and working with them again when I am called.
Some decisions are difficult and require much preparation and debate, weighing of pros and cons and intangibles down the road. However, my support team – Team Sillie, my family and friends all stand by my decision to do what I believe is right at this time, given the circumstances, in putting the needs of our country and its people above my own security in making this transition.
Today, I will continue to represent you in another function. Upon taking the path which although familiar will still be a challenge, I will swear “So truly help me God” to carry out the function of Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport with vision, integrity, transparency and passion.
In times like these we must stand strong on our convictions and I truly believe that with God’s help I can and will utilise this opportunity to make a difference and give our youth hope and provide the leadership that our country deserves. We must all come together to make the change we want possible.  So I will come to you often seeking your cooperation and assistance in making OUR dream for St. Maarten a reality. Together WE CAN!
Thank you to all who have helped me on this journey from the womb to present, those who have nurtured, loved, protected, pushed, challenged, questioned and encouraged me. I will need you now more than ever.
We are all St. Maarten and she needs us all. God bless you as we take this journey together.

MP Silveria Jacobs
National Alliance