Vice President of Parliament MP De Weever invites schools, young people and the public to the Information Village on 16th October

The second Vice President of Parliament Hon. Cornelius de Weever, extends an invitation to schools, young people, and the public at large, to visit the ‘Information Village’ that is being hosted by the High Councils of State of Sint Maarten on Friday, 16th October, from 2pm to 8pm at the Festival Village.

The House of Parliament will be located in booth #79.  Information will be available to the public with respect to the functioning of the highest legislative body in the country.

The ‘Information Village’ is an initiative of the High Councils of State (Council of Advice, General Audit Chamber and Ombudsman).

The initiative is in connection with celebrating Constitution Day which was observed on October 12.  The High Councils of State would like to increase awareness and understanding of good governance and propriety with respect to the various institutions that exist and supports the governance of the country.

“I think this is a great initiative by the High Councils of State, and an opportunity once again for students, young people and the general public to receive information about our country’s institutions which are part and parcel of our democracy.

“I encourage all to take a moment on Friday to visit the ‘Information Village’ and be informed, and also be able to ask questions and engage the different representatives who will be present. I also call on MPs to visit the ‘Information Village,” second Vice President of Parliament Hon. Cornelius de Weever said on Thursday.