Our Culture plays a Key Role in Nation Building

As citizens of St. Maarten, it is of utmost importance to preserve our tangible and intangible heritage, which would help us to identify clearly who we are as a people, St. Maarteners!, which can inspire positive change, stability and unity during a time of crisis. If we do not bring awareness to our community about our history and culture, we are all missing out on an accurate view of our society and successfully building our Nation. We also need to continuously educate our young and old, why we as a people can celebrate Constitution Day and ensure it becomes a part of the curriculum in all schools.

Significant positive change in St. Maarten; has become a burning desire in the hearts and minds of our people. In order to bring about that significant change, it is essential for the strong leaders in our different districts, to see past party lines, assemble the people in each district together in large numbers, assume leadership seriously and form groups that will work together to start building powerful beneficial principles, on which that district will exist. We will eventually have a wider range of ideas, customs, and wisdom to solve problems and enrich community life, and that way of living, will certainly affect the quality life. Each group, whether cultural or not, will have unique strengths and perspectives, that the larger community, St. Maarten, can benefit from. I encourage all of us to work towards building St. Maarten, because we are a people of perseverance and courage.

I wish all the citizens of St. Maarten a Happy Constitution Day.

May God Continue to bless St. Maarten.


Mrs. Rita Bourne-Gumbs

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports