STAT announces start of the annual National Accounts Survey

The Department of Statistics (STAT), informs the business community  that its 2015 National Accounts Survey is underway. The data-collection phase began a few weeks ago on September 16th 2015.  STAT has shifted the start-date of the survey to later in the year, to better coincide with the period that enterprises usually have their financial statements ready. The survey is geared towards collecting financial data across all industries operating within the local economy and amongst foundations. It is the main instrument used for measuring economic performance in the Non-Financial & Financial sectors on an annual basis.
All companies and institutions with 10 or more employees, can expect to receive the Annual Report questionnaire which gathers data over the 2014 fiscal year. Entities with 9 or fewer employees, may form part of a random sample-selection and can also be approached to participate.
STAT has a total of 5 trained freelance-interviewers, tasked with delivery and return of the completed questionnaires to the department. STATinterviewers are capable to assist with completion of questionnaires but can also be provided with a copy of the company’s annual report to facilitate this process.   Some entities have indicated their preference to complete the survey digitally, in these instances, the survey-form is provided via email.
The business community is reminded that once included in the sample, participation in the survey is mandatory by law. STAT is therefore urging all relevant establishments to give their full cooperation during the survey period, which runs until January 2016.
The National Accounts survey is critically important to enable STAT to provide regular statistics on economic developments on St. Maarten. STAT has organized a Business Information Session for respondents & other stakeholders, on Wednesday October 14th 2015, at Belair Community Centre from 2 – 5pm. The department intends to share more information on this survey and other research activities as well as present some recent statistical facts. All interested parties are invited to attend.