Economic growth on all islands of Caribbean Netherlands in 2013

All islands of Caribbean Netherlands realised economic growth in 2013. Year-on-year economic growth figure for Bonaire was 2.0 percent, for St Eustatius 0.8 percent and for Saba 6.0 percent. This is the first time that economic growth figures for 2013 of Caribbean Netherlands were calculated by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The figures are adjusted for inflation, on the basis of the consumer price index.


The size of Bonaire’s economy (GDP) amounted to 386 million USD in 2013. The GDP of St Eustatius was 104 million USD and Saba’s GDP was 45 million USD. The per capita GDPs for Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba were 21,500 USD, 26,400 USD and 23,600 USD respectively.

The population on Bonaire and St Eustatius increased in 2013. The population on both islands grew more rapidly than their economies. As a result, the GDP per capita declined marginally. The per capita GDPs of Bonaire and St Eustatius fell by 3.3 percent and 2.1 percent respectively. On Saba, the population shrank while the economy improved, resulting in a GDP growth per capita by 9.4 percent. In 2013 Bonaire had a population of nearly 18 thousand; St Eustatius had 3,960 residents and Saba 1,920.


Technical explanation

The status of the figures published for the islands of Caribbean Netherlands for 2013 is provisional. The results of the 2013 survey among the corporate sector on the islands have as yet not been analysed completely. This means that the picture is incomplete. Final figures will be released prior to 1 January 2016.