Public Invited to NV GEBE Information Session in Simpson Bay on Tuesday and Wednesday in Cole Bay

The community of Simpson Bay, Beacon Hill, Pelican, Cupecoy and the Low Lands are invited to a NV GEBE information session on Tuesday, September 29.


The information session is being organized as part of NV GEBEs efforts to continue to improve services to its customers by engaging them in the aforementioned and at the same time providing information regarding the company.


The information session is being held at the Sister Regina School in Simpson Bay from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.


An additional information session is scheduled for Cole Bay on September 30 at the John Hodge Hall (Methodist Church).  It will take place at the same aforementioned time and residents of Cole Bay, Almond Grove, and Cay Bay are also invited to come out for this informative meeting.


Residents will get the opportunity to learn from department heads about new projects and what the company is doing to continue to improve services to the customer and the community at large.


The information session also allows those in attendance to ask various questions to the NV GEBE Managers and department heads. 


Managers and Department heads will give presentations about current services such as billing cycles; payment of bills; important information for seniors 62+; the reading of electricity bills with respect to kilowatt hours and the fuel clause; the new electrical and digital water meters; street lights; the electrical production facility; trenching and much more.