TelEm Group employees team up with KeLaHa group for Cervical and Prostate cancer awareness

TelEm Group has taken another step toward increasing health awareness amongst company workers by organizing a month-long Cervical Cancer and Prostate Cancer awareness program.

Earlier this year personnel became the first corporate organization to invite government’s mobile health bus to conduct health checks on company workers.

Now, for the entire month of September, personnel will be receiving important information about the strategies they can use to help avoid cervical cancer and prostate cancer, how and where to test for both conditions, and how to cope with diagnosis and treatment.

The company awareness program is being coordinated by TelEm Group’s Change Champions team with the assistance of the KeLaHa Project group. KeLaHa is also promoting Cervical Cancer awareness during the month of September, and will also be conducting workshop sessions with TelEm Group staff.

The Change Champions effort is being supported with a Youtube video that was produced in-house, giant models of the blue cervical cancer ribbon, a professionally printed brochure, posters and pamphlets which are being circulated to staff and members of the public.

“We have erected a giant blue ribbon made out of balloons in the main foyer of the TelEm group main building on Pond Island so that the public can also be aware of what we are doing and also to give to the public some important information about cervical cancer and prostate cancer,” said spokesperson for the Change Champions group, Shadira Lont.

She said although September is the month designated for cervical cancer awareness, the Change Champions also included prostate cancer awareness because of the large number of men who make up the majority of workers in the company.

“We are urging all employees to take note of the information we are disseminating and to sign up for the workshops that will be given,” said Shadira.

On behalf of the Change Champions, Mrs. Lont also thanks Keoma of the KeLaHa Projects group for her involvement.

“Our staff have had a lot fun doing the promotional video and alerting their colleagues to some very real health concerns that they can do something about,” added Mrs. Lont.

KeLaHa Projects is leading the campaign with the slogan: “Together We Fight – Together We Win” Cervical Cancer and HPV awareness project. The group says its campaign helps women get the facts about cervical cancer by providing important information about the disease.