State Secretary Dijksma visits Saba and Bonaire

State Secretary Dijksma of  Economic Affairs visits Saba and Bonaire from August 30th until September 2nd. It is the first visit of the State Secretary to these islands of Caribbean Netherlands. On the program on both islands are meetings with the Island Governors, the members of the executive councils and visits to projects.


On Saba, the State Secretary with meet the members of the Tourism Committee and she pays a visit to the power station under construction and the nature project ‘ goat buy back ‘. There is also a boat trip around the island on the program.


On Bonaire the State Secretary will meet with representatives of the business community, the Chamber of Commerce and the power company. Also on the program is  a tour to a  rural development project, which is  subsidized by the State Secretary and a visit to a successful horticultural company, located on the grounds of Krusada.

A number of representatives of companies travel along with the State Secretary, in order to explore the possibilities of Bonaire as a testing ground for sustainable agricultural and horticultural techniques.