Curaçao 1st Caribbean destination attending Hotel data Conference

CHATA Welcomed As Special Guest At Hotel Data Conference

Willemstad – August 6th, From Tuesday August 4th to Thursday August 6th CHATA attended the United States’ largest Data Conference, the HOTEL DATA CONFERENCE, hosted by Smith Travel Research (STR) and Hotel News NOW in Nashville, Tennessee. Data collection on Industry performance is one of CHATA’s focal points, therefore this DATA Conference adequately fits CHATA. The highlights of the conference included a series of presentations by Social Revolution’s Professor Michael Tchong discussing the future of urban trends and innovation in travel.

STR and Hotel News NOW recognized Curaçao as the ambassador of the Caribbean holding regard to hotel performance data collection. Curaçao received this recognition, as it is the first Caribbean destination to attend the STR DATA Conference. STR mentioned to be proud to have a partnership with CHATA on the collection and use of Curaçao Hotel Industry data. The DATA Conference addressed the up rise of the Small Accommodations in the Hotel industry, at the event CHATA formed part of the panel of discussion on this upcoming segment of the Hotel Industry, which is also growing in Curaçao. With the emergence of the Small Accommodations, CHATA launched the Small Accommodation Program in June offering additional benefits for CHATA members with less than 40 rooms, officially categorized as Small Accommodation Members. CHATA’s Small Accommodation program is strongly supported by STR; therefore STR is accordingly developing a new program based on the local demand for Small Accommodations in order to collect data.

At the HOTEL DATA CONFERENCE, CHATA President & CEO, Ms. Lizanne Dindial, had the opportunity to meet STR’s President & COO, Mrs. Amanda White, with whom she discussed the trends and changes in the Caribbean. STR indicated to support and commit to Curacao as a destination, while advocating CHATA’s efforts with regard to destination Curaçao.

According to Miles Mercera, CHATA’s Marketing Director, this data conference was an eye opener. Trends and changes in the tourism and hospitality industry are important to follow, CHATA’s aim is to stay ahead of the game and make use of the opportunities in the markets. CHATA, additionally, confirmed that the association is working in the right direction when it comes to strategy and understanding the changes in the tourism and hospitality industry.

CHATA confirmed to attend next year’s HOTEL DATA CONFERENCE and will be giving a workshop on its Small Accommodation Program, which will indicate how destinations can optimally exploit this opportunity.
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