The National Alliance family joins St. Maarten in praying for the full recovery of Officer Benjamin who was gunned down in the line of duty yesterday. Officer Benjamin is an example of a good public servant and protector and we wish his family and colleagues much strength and faith in helping him to pull through this ordeal.
While we recognize that this type of violence is something that happens everyday in some part of the world,  it came as a deep shock to the entire community in the vicious way that it occurred.
We pray for Peace for people of this 37 square mile island, St. Martin. We pray for forgiveness and we pray for Justice.
The National Alliance implores all witnesses to come forth and let justice be served. If we would all treat others in the way we would want to be treated or the way we would want our parents or loved ones to be treated, this world would be an infinitely more peaceful one. It all starts with Love and respect for self.
The coming together of our community on social media, in homes, churches and everywhere to pray for the life of this gentleman is a sure sign that every bad thing can have a good result. Let us continue to send positive into the atmosphere for complete healing for our Officer Benjamin.