Multi Disciplinary Investigation Team formed

In connection with this very sensitive investigation a “Multi Disciplinary Investigation Team” consisting of members from the Landsrecherche (Federal Detectives), R.S.T. (Recherche Samenwerking Team) and K.P.S.M. has been formed. It is common that the Landsrecherche is involved in the investigation of cases where police have fired shots in the direction of a suspect. Moreover, law enforcement agencies are more than willing to assist in the investigation, whereas K.P.S.M. can use every extra capacity there is.

The suspect in this case, who was shot by police, has been positively identified as a 23-year old male who carries the initials R.D. He has been operated on the wounds he sustained and is presently in the Sint Maarten Medical Center recuperating from two gunshot wounds, one in his stomach and one in his left leg. His medical condition is not life threatening.

On Wednesday evening a search of the residence of the suspect located in the Sucker Garden area was done. During this search many items which are valuable to this investigation were found and confiscated.

The investigating team is in search of a second suspect who has fled the scene on foot. This suspect is a male, dark complexion, between 17 and 20 years old, slim posture, wearing dark sneakers, short white socks, a brown t-shirt and shorts, his hair is short but with one braid with transparent white beads which the suspect wears on the left side of his head. There is a possibility that this suspect could be slightly injured. Witnesses stated that one of the suspects was seen limping while fleeing directly after the robbery.

The Public Prosecutors Office and the Police Department are requesting the general public to assist in this investigation by sharing any information they have, which could shed more light on this case. Anyone who witnessed this incident, and especially anyone or any business who has taken pictures or video images of the incident or has images or information of the possible second suspect fleeing the scene, are requested to get in contact with the Detective Department via telephone number 5868052.

The Justice Ministry has posted a reward of $ 10.000,- for valuable information that directly leads to the arrest of the second suspect.