St. Maarten’s society and many other societies have seen a drastic increase in the stress levels of our citizens. Among the signs of one’s body’s response to stress, are difficulty sleeping, increased alcohol and other substance use, being easily angered, feeling depressed, and having low energy. Considering the increasing stress levels among members of our community, recently, over thirty persons attended a free information session on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), organized by Victorious Living Foundation at the Rupert I. Maynard Community Center in St. Peters.

Stress is the human body’s natural response to any change in the environment that requires an action, reaction, or adjustment to what’s normal. Moreover, how a person handles it defines stress for that person. Therefore having the coping mechanisms and tools necessary to handle the stressors of life is pivotal.
Participants at Victorious Living’s info-session expressed gratitude for the wealth of information that was provided. Victorious Living’s visionary and President, Dr. Erna Mae Francis-Cotton shared how EFT has benefited patrons of Victorious Living’s Counselling services. She introduced a documentary entitled the Tapping Solution by Nicolas Ortner chronicling the journey of several persons with challenges such as grief, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, fear of public speaking, overeating, and sexual abuse who successfully overcame their symptoms and ailments through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
In addition, counseling student of Grace Hill Bible University, Dorothy Boezerman shared how EFT has been instrumental in helping her husband to overcome pain from a surgery that he had undergone. Her husband and his niece also gave testimonials of the dramatic effects that he has received. Roy Cotton, Jr. a counselor at Victorious Living also shared the benefits of EFT to him personally.
Among the attendees at the information session were personnel of the Mental Health Foundation; nurses from Dr. Mercuur’s Medical Clinic; a physiotherapist; and recently sworn in, St. Maarten born Cardiologist, Emiko Bird-Lake who were all seeking ways to be even more effective with their clients. The feedback from these and all participants present were extremely positive.
Dr. Orlando Wilson, Pastor of Heaven’s Touch International, Dean of Grace Hill Bible University and a resident of St. Peters, conveyed his gratitude to Dr. Erna Mae Francis-Cotton and Victorious Living, on behalf of the residents of St. Peters, for hosting the first information session of this type in St. Peters.
The renowned sage of St. Peters Neville Lake, AKA, Doc, expressed his appreciation for the information and deemed it a very important session that should be continued in other districts to inform the people.
VLF board members; and Grace Hill Bible University students currently taking the two year counseling certification program developed and taught by Dr. Francis-Cotton were all in attendance and contributed to the success of the evening. Persons needing more information may contact Victorious Living Foundation at 1-721-524-8731/1-721-542-2652 or visit www.victoriouslivingsxm.org.