The Police Department is informing the general public and in particular all businesses on the island of the following. Recently there have been several armed robberies or attempted robberies at businesses whereby the culprits/suspects have been disguising themselves using complete or partial uniforms representing delivery companies established on the island.
Using these disguises the culprits, mainly during unexpected hours, would gain or attempt to gain access to establishments, where they would use force by means of a weapon (mainly fire-arms) to rob the establishment of its valuables and then flee the scene without being seen or being noticed.
The Police Department also warns that this information does not only apply to the Business Community, but for the community at large. These persons may also come to your home with the intention to rob you of your personal belongings. The community at large should take all necessary precautions to prevent becoming a victim of crime.
The Police Department is doing its utmost to apprehend these culprits to take them off the streets and is relying on the community to assist. The home or business you are protecting by assisting in this effort may be your own. Anyone who may have any information regarding this type of criminal activity should immediately call the police department at 54-22222 ext. 223-224 or our tip line # 9300.