CHATA Launched Small Accommodation Certification Program

On Friday June 26th CHATA launched its new Small Accommodation Certification Program hosted at CHATA member Floris Suite Hotel. Upon launch of this program, 9 CHATA Small Accommodations were awarded with the Small Accommodation Award.

CHATA’s small accommodations include,
but are not limited to; Bed and Breakfasts, Guesthouses, Holiday Cottages, Cabanas Holiday Villas, Inns, Small Hotels, Boutiques, Holiday Apartments and Small Resorts with 40 rooms or less.
The Small Accommodation Program has come into existence after identification of Tour Operator and consumer demand; approximately 50% of the South American tourists and approximately 40% of European tourists make use of small accommodations in Curaçao. CHATA had one on one sessions with its Small Accommodation Members, which evolved into joint brainstorm sessions and the emergence of a Task Force, with CHATA’s board involvement creating great support for this initiative.

CHATA’s certification illustrates that certified Small Accommodations meet the minimum requirements for Small Accommodations to accommodate tourists. This initiative fosters partnerships with foreign Tour Operators, since the certification reflects the compliance with minimum requirements to be a functional Small Accommodation. Additionally, the certification features numerous benefits such as access to an online marketing platform, and booklets functioning as promotional initiatives for international marketing efforts for small accommodations.

The following focal points are audited by CHATA in order to become certified:

1. Rooms & Bathrooms 3. Administration 5. Legal Documents
2. Building Grounds 4. Kitchenette 6. Insurance

The majority of Small Accommodations holding a CHATA membership have been successfully audited throughout May and June in CHATA’s Small Accommodation Pilot Program. The remainder of the small accommodations will be audited in July to ensure that all CHATA small accommodations comply with the minimum requirements.

CHATA Small Accommodations that received their certification and award are:

1. Bon Bini Seaside Resort 6. Waterside Apartments
2. Dolphin Suites 7.Lagoon Ocean Resort
3. Bahia Apartments & Diving 8. Blueview Apartments
4. Rancho El Sobrino 9. Nos Krusero Apartments
5. Quint’s Travelers Inn 10. The Strand of Curaçao

The Certification Program sets the standard for prospective CHATA Members. Through this initiative, CHATA ensures that all its small accommodations comply with minimum requirements that reflect tourists’ needs.

For more information on the Small Accommodation Certification and CHATA membership, please contact Ms. Kyara Wanga via the following e-mail address: Ky***@ch***.org