Ministers and School boards sign MOU

On Thursday June 18th at 02 p.m. the Honorable Minister of Education Mrs. Rita Bourne-Gumbs, the Honorable Minister of Justice Mr. Dennis Richardson and representatives of the School board for secondary education came together at the Philipsburg Police Station for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the soon the implemented “Student Identification Card”.
The project for the implementation of the “Student Identification Card” has been on the drawing board for quite a while and has been spearheaded by Inspector Felix Richards the Community Police Officer for the Sint Peters, Reward and surrounding areas and a committee that was put together to make the project a reality. The “Student Identification Card” will be taken up into the school rule book of every secondary school on the Dutch Side of the island and will be enable authorities and school management to better monitor the students on different levels during school hours and school events.
Then introduction of the “Student Identification Card” is the first faze of this project which consists of several stages. One of these stages include the upgrading of the bus drivers who drive the children to school on a daily basis, creating a new sense of safety and security when travelling to and from the school districts By creating safety and security on the school busses parents will again allow their children the catch the bus to school and in doing so alleviate the traffic congestion in the school districts. DSC09373