Update on Household Budget Survey 2015

The Department of Statistics reminds the general public that the Household
Budget Survey is still ongoing, and households selected in the sample will
continue to be approached by STAT throughout the next months. The
survey began on April 1st 2015. Given the nature of the data-collection, it
is scheduled to take place in 2-week cycles until mid-December this year.
To date, STAT is pleased with the level of cooperation received from
participating households as well the efforts of its interviewing staff and
entire team. Overall the project is 25% complete, STAT urges residents to
comply with this important survey, as it is conducted only once in 5 to 7
years and the collected data is the basis to renew Cost-of-Living
calculations, more in-line with the current market situation.
The Household Budget Survey is being carried out amongst a randomsample
of approximately 1,000 households on Dutch St. Maarten. It
captures data on income within the household in addition to past & present
expenditures. Selected households can expect to give a thorough account
of their expenditure on several categories of goods & services, this data is
being collected via tablets, STAT will also provide an Expense Diary
where households are asked to monitor their spending for a period of 14
days and save their corresponding receipts.
STAT is also reminding the public as with each of its statistical enquiries,
participation is mandatory by law (Statistics Ordinance AB 2013, GT
no.450). All data provided to STAT will be handled in strict confidence,
and for the sole purpose of producing statistical information.
STAT is depending on the continued support of residents to successfully
complete the survey, and emphasizes to participants that their full 2-week
cooperation is necessary in order for the household’s input to be valid.
Lastly, STAT thanks its partners Le Grand Marche, Sunny Foods, Cost-ULess,
TelEM & UTS for the opportunity to offer households a redeemable
voucher following their successful completion.