Sint Maarten Police Force participated in Hurex 2015

The annual Hurricane Exercise (Hurex 2015) for the Police Force Sint Maarten took place this year on Wednesday morning June 17th 2015, at the Emilio Wilson Park in Cul-de Sac.

The first briefing took place at 8:30 am at the Philipsburg Head Quarters. The KPSM worked together with the other emergency services such as the Ambulance Department, Fire Department, Dutch Marines and V.K.S. for this huge exercise to be prepared for Hurricane Season 2015.

The scenario was as follow: after a major hurricane, a massive mudslide situation developed in the Emilio Wilson Park area which caused a big chaos. Several persons were seriously injured and victims were in life threatening situations on different locations in the park and needed immediate assistance.

In one “case” a passenger vehicle came down from the hill flipped over and seriously injuring one of the victims who was stuck in the vehicle. The Police Force, EMS and Fire Department jointly conducted the operation and saved the victim and his relatives and made sure they received the necessary medical assistance.

During the chaos after the Hurricane the next “case” was the plundering of private property by civilians outside the park and on several locations in St. Peters. The Police Force also dealt with these issues to restore order, safety and security for the residents in these areas.

The exercise ended at 11 in the morning.  All participants were judged by an examiner during this exercise.