Annual Plan 2016:

Hereby we offer you the Annual Plan 2016 of the OM BES.
Our inflows in recent years has almost doubled and the prosecution was faced with an increase in investigations into more serious and debilitating forms of crime. There is a very high workload and increased vulnerability.
The small size of the organizations in the Caribbean Netherlands plays a very negative role in the functioning of the various organizations in the justice system and leads to capacity restrictions and lack of flexibility within the formation.

The prosecution BES itself and the chain wants to professionalize in the coming years with three interrelated lines:
1. the content and process supporting of the primary process;
2. reducing vulnerability of the process, and
3. applying a more information-oriented control in the chain.

Our focus in the field of serious crime is on human trafficking, money laundering and international drug trafficking; the latter also in relation to Bonaire International Airport and the blue border. The outlaw motorcycle gangs also keep our explicit focus. Of course we are particularly interested in the overlap between these forms of crime.
Partly because of signals from investments of dirty money in real estate, we want more attention to economic and financial crime / money laundering. The cooperation with the Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland and the FIOD continues /is intensified.

We also want to work (more than now) more subject-oriented (perpetrator directed) to address the many – and middle crime and hereby focus primarily on violent crime (incl. Sexual offense crime cases and atrako’s), juvenile crimes, home and business burglaries and local drug trafficking businesses.