Reception and guidance of students from The Caribbean Netherlands this year by Foundation BESST

Students from The Caribbean Netherlands who will start a study in The Netherlands, will this year be received and guided by a new foundation BESST. (Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba Students). The new foundation BESST was originated from a separation from the Foundation S4 (St. Maarten Student Support Services) which until recently supplied the guidance of both students from St. Maarten as well as from the Caribbean Netherlands.
The separation aims to guarantee that the care and guidance to the students from Caribbean Netherlands stays at the same level. The new foundation works with experienced counselors, who have all the necessary knowledge and experience in order to take care and supervise the students.
This year the implementation costs for supervision will also be paid in full by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Students only pay the costs that BESST makes on behalf of the student. This could include a ticket to The Netherlands, the deposit for accommodation, any hotel stay on arrival in The Netherlands and a collective student insurance.
Students who travel to The Netherlands in order to start a study, can apply for a “opstarttoelage” (start-up allowance) at RCN Studiefinanciering. A part of the”opstarttoelage” (start-up allowance) will be paid by RCN Studiefinanciering to BESST, in order to finance the costs on behalf of the student. The other part will be paid to the student.
By September at the latest BESST makes up a final financial statement for all students. The fees charged will be specified and the students receive credit, if any, within 30 days of settlement in their bank account.
More information on the “opstarttoelage” (start-up allowance) can be found on