CBS: Size of economy on Saba and St. Eustatius for 2012 has been definitely determined

The size of the economy, measured by the gross domestic product (gdp), of Saba amounted to well over USD 42 million in 2012; gdp of St. Eustatius amounted to well over USD 101 million. CBS announced this today.

Since the number of inhabitants on Saba was 1981 in 2012, gdp per capita was USD 21,400. St. Eustatius had 3844 inhabitants in that same year, bringing gdp per capita to USD 26,300. By way of comparison: gdp on Bonaire, the third island of the Caribbean Netherlands, was USD 21,900 per capita in 2012.

These estimates of CBS are slightly lower than the preliminary figures which were published November last year. At the time gdp for Saba was determined to be well over USD 43 million (USD 21,900 per capita) and for St. Eustatius it was almost USD 102 (USD 26,400 per capita). The differences are due to the fact that more information is currently available. The final figures, for example, include the results of a survey which was conducted in the corporate sector on both islands in the period from December 2014 through May 2015.