Travel organisation TUI Nederland announced last week that the name of its brands Arke and Holland International will be changed to TUI. From 1 October 2015, Arke will be called TUI and, from 1 October 2016, Holland International will be integrated into the TUI brand. With this change, TUI Nederland is playing a pioneering role in the introduction of a single global brand within the TUI Group.

International brand strategy
The name change is in line with the international brand strategy of the TUI Group. The parent company of TUI Nederland announced its vision for the future last week. In recent years, the company has been collaborating more closely internationally in order to work more efficiently, make more effective use of the economies of scale, and to launch holidays, services and brands on the market that offer a unique holiday experience. A single total consumer brand fits in seamlessly with this strategy.

Within the group, TUI Nederland is the first to change the name of its strongest brands to TUI. This will be followed by the other TUI countries with the characteristic smile as their logo, resulting in a single, powerful international brand on aircraft, websites, in marketing communications, at travel agencies and at destinations. TUI Nederland is able to perform this pioneering role because the company has proven to be both flexible and innovative. Other reasons are strong online growth and the fact that TUI Nederland is relatively small, but offers a wide range of holidays and services in a one-stop-holiday shop. Recent market research has also shown that TUI is already a familiar name that enjoys a good reputation in the Netherlands. This makes the Dutch travel organisation the perfect front runner.

Only a name change
Nothing will change for consumers apart from the name change. TUI will continue to be the same trusted and largest travel organisation in the Netherlands, with the largest selection of holidays at the most affordable prices. Consumers will now be prepared step by step for the new change from Arke and Holland International to TUI. From 1 October 2015, will be called and TUI will be displayed on all aircraft. The name TUIfly will only be used for textual references to the airline and is not a separate brand. A year later, on 1 October 2016, Holland International will be integrated into the TUI brand. Kras will maintain its name; only the brands that carry the TUI smile in their logo will undergo a change.

Elie Bruyninckx, CEO of TUI Benelux, explains, “Whether we are called Arke, Holland International or TUI, we are everywhere and are always at the service of our customers. It is the quality and service policy, as well as the size of our company, that enable us to live up to this promise. In the Netherlands, the TUI brand already represents quality and reliability and offers us new opportunities for further growth.”

Steven van Nieuwenhuijzen, CCO and Deputy CEO of TUI Nederland, adds, “After 80 years, we are moving away from the Arke name, a name with a long history. That history will not change and is what has made the brand what it is today: a solid brand that is ready for the future, a future as a global brand that is rock solid.”