Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), recently executed the foundation works for the SMHDF Foga project, which is focused on the construction of low income homes.

The Foga project is situated behind the Melford Hazel Sports Complex on the edge of the pond’s rim. Infrastructure works executed by VROMI for the realization of the project includes landfilling, construction of drainage facilities, sewerage facilities, concrete road pavements and brick sidewalks.



Preceding works required the demolition of the existing roads and sidewalks as well as clearing of the land area. Removal of sludge and soil with low bearing capacity was required in order to backfill with sand.

Drainage pipes, pits, and culverts connections were installed to secure proper flow of waters and prevention of flooding which was a very common reoccurrence in said area. All trenches are interconnected varying from 1 meter, 2 meter and 3 meters wide, and 1 meter deep each and lead into the Great Salt pond. The trenches will serve as part of the overall drainage system extending from the greater Suckergarden area including the keys.


A complete sewerage system is being constructed with sewerage pipes and pits for current and future house connections. Two sewerage pumps will extend from the Foga area immersed underground along the Soualiga boulevard to the ballpark and connect to the main pipes that connect to the main Sewerage treatment facility on A.T Illidge road.

VROMI is also preparing the connections for street lighting and traffic signs and preparing the groundwork for all utility companies, mainly GEBE and TELEM, to install their cables and pipes.

Upon completion of this project the grounds with all needed infrastructure will be made available for the construction of the new homes which are planned for said area by the government.