On Tuesday April 14th, the final meeting before the official opening of the Festival Village between the Sint Maarten Carnival Development Foundation, Department of VROMI, Department of Economic Affairs and the Police Department was held at the Philipsburg Police Station. The main topics of this meeting were the “Vending and No Vending” zones in the Philipsburg area, the road closure during all of the parades and the “Opening Jump-up.”
Attached to this announcement is a digital color layout of Philipsburg and surrounding areas. The areas colored in blue are Front Street- Emmaplein. The W.J.A. Nisbet road starting at the Voges Street at Sundial School until the parking lot at Kitty’s Kitchen and the Soualiga Boulevard starting at the Salt Picker round-a-bout to the Little League Ball Park. These are all “NO VENDING” zones.
The areas colored in yellow are the alleys connecting Back Street to Front Street and Front Street to the Board Walk. All alleys also falls under the “NO VENDING” zones and will specifically be used as emergency entrance/exits.
The areas colored in green are the E. Camille Richardson Street (Police Station alley) and Voges Street. These streets will be used driving in the opposite for any emergency in the Point Blanche area.
The areas colored in pink are the “VENDING “zones for permit holders which were issued by the Department of Economic Affairs. Vending without the necessary permit is strictly forbidden. Not complying with this rule can lead to your goods being confiscated and receiving a fine from special team controlling during the carnival season. Vendors are not allowed to set-up the shop in front of any of the light poles.
Please take good note of this information.