Community Police officer holds town hall meeting

Homeowners and residents of the Sint Peters, Reward, Weymouth Hill and Prima Vista areas were all invited by the Community Police Officer Inspector Felix Richards who is responsible for those districts, to attend a town hall meeting on Thursday April 9th at 07 p.m. and held at the Sint Dominic High School in South Reward. The reason for this meeting was to discuss the increase in criminal activity and mainly home invasions and break-ins in those areas. Approximately 25 persons attended the meeting. A Power Point presentation was given by Inspector Richardson regarding these topics and also the comparison of criminal activity in those areas in 2015 to 2014.
As a topic of discussion was also, how to best tackle this situation. All the attendees shared their views and ideas and showed their willingness to come together as a community and put in extra effort to bring a permanent solution to this problem.
The attendees also took the opportunity the meet a get acquainted with their neighbors for the first time. Then shared telephone numbers and E-mail addresses and will be in contact with each other on a regular basis to exchange information. The meeting was a success and a follow-up meeting will be scheduled for the near future
Also present during the meeting was Acting Chief of Police Carl John and Head of the Philipsburg District Chief Inspector Rudolph Bloeiman.