Netherlands Parliament resumes debate on underworld connections in Dutch Antilles

HE HAGUE, Netherlands — The Lower House of the Dutch Parliament is not satisfied with previous answers from the Dutch government about the links between politicians and criminals in Curacao, St Maarten, Aruba and the Curacao Intelligence Agency (VDC). At the request of the Dutch MP for the Socialist Party (SP), Ronald van Raak both subjects will be discussed again next Wednesday.
he plenary session for this Wednesday is intended to complete the general discussion that took place on Wednesday, April 1. Ministers Ronald Plasterk of interior and kingdom relations and Ard van der Steur of justice then made known to the Dutch government that, in principle, they are willing to contribute extra funds to law enforcement in the Caribbean.

The condition is that the politicians cannot just stop the criminal investigations. With respect to the VDC, Plasterk repeated that it is an internal matter, even when it comes to supervision.

Van Raak indicated during the debate that he will request the so called General Consultation Report (VAO). A VAO serves as a completion of a general consultation. It is important to start with an investigation on the payments from criminals to politicians, he said.

Van Raak mentioned in this connection an investigation into accounting firms. The possible infiltration of the underworld in the VDC will likely be discussed.

Published by the Curacao Chronicle