Two arrested for the possession of marihuana and a stolen car.

On Monday, April 6th at approximately 02.00 p.m., a police patrol saw a white Suzuki vehicle with license plate P-3977 parked suspiciously in front of a home on the in the area of Fort Willem. The officers saw two persons sitting in the car but could not identify them because the windows of the vehicle were tinted very dark. The officers approached the vehicle and asked both occupants to identify themselves and also to handover the documents for the vehicle but could not comply. As the investigation continued the officers noticed that the door jamb for the passenger side door had been forced and the housing of the steering wheel was destroyed, raising the suspicion of the officers that the vehicle in question might be stolen. Both suspects were immediately arrested on the spot and when the officers searched the suspects a total of 51 small plastic bags, each containing an amount of marihuana, were found on the passenger. The vehicle and marihuana were confiscated. The suspects were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where they remain in custody pending further investigation