Minister Rita Bourne-Gumbs encourages Group 8 students,

I feel inspired today to encourage all of our Group 8 students (formerly Grade 6 students) who have prepared themselves for their Exit Exams of elementary school. Most of us have experienced being a 6th grader at this crucial time; we also know that preparation for these exams is quite a challenge. As we look back at how rewarding the many tests, quizzes, term papers, late nights of studying, encouragement from parents, teachers, principals and the fatigue of it all, we can say “Thank God for seeing us through those exams!

Through prayers and studying, God helped us back then, and he will do the same for all of our Group 8 students now.

You all have studied hard, so all you need to remember, is to pray before every exam and ask God to guide you through your exams, especially during the times when you feel uncertain. His compassion will enlighten you when you feel like you cannot find the answer.

Quitting or staying home is not a choice at this point. You must not give up, regardless of how tough it feels. I am most certain that your parents, guardians and teachers have explained the word “FAITH” to you before: Faith is believing strongly, that what you pray for will come through.
Your parents, guardians, teachers and all of St. Maarten know it’s not easy. Never mind the pressure and the stress you may feel at this point, that is normal and almost everyone had that experience before.

This is only the beginning of a life time journey in academics. A journey towards your personal professional, patriotic success and wellbeing. St. Maarten has the confidence in all of you and continue to depend on you.
There is a bright future ahead of you and your success at the FBE Group 8 Exit Exams is one road you will take towards that bright future. Continue to strive towards becoming the best that you can be and achieve all that your little hearts desire!

All of St. Maarten and I, are praying for all of you and will continue to do so throughout your exams and your precious little lives.
God bless the youth of St. Maarten and God Bless us all.

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports
Mrs. Rita Bourne-Gumbs