MIGRATION TO NEW DATA REGISTRY Enhancing COCI services to the Public

– The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COCI) has commenced the migration to a new data registry (COCI Registry). Decisions taken by previous Boards in an effort to enhance the quality of services offered by COCI resulted in the acquisition of a new data registry program last year. Having completed the implementation of the system with a commencement of data transfer in the latter part of last year, COCI now has commenced with the final migration to the new system.

In this phase COCI staff will be trained to use the new COCI registry and service offering through the new system commences. The migration process is targeted to be concluded by June 1st, at which time the new COCI registry will be in full use.

During this migration process, registry information will be reviewed and business owners and official legal representatives are urged to make the required updates thus far omitted and pay related fees to ensure proper information is maintained in the registry.

COCI staff will undergo extensive training in the next two months and additional notifications will be issued to inform the general public of partial closures due to training. The new registry is of vital importance for the online services that COCI aims to launch later this year; all undertakings to provide better, faster and more accessible service to the general public.