Labor Affairs implementing procedures that matter, promoting unification and accountability

Over the years the department has noted a steady increase in the amount of vacancies registered on a monthly basis in connection with employment permit applications. Most recently, the Head of Labor Affairs and Social Services Peggy-Ann Dros disclosed during an interview on Inside Government that 90% of the vacancies registered in 2014 were in connection with an employment permit request. This demand on the department has resulted in the need for more concise and accountable administration to address the needs of all clients utilizing the various job placement and employment permit services. To address this emergent demand, on March 30, 2015 the department will implement new procedures that will offer the business community and the Department of Labor Affairs the opportunity to work closely together to streamline, unify and promote accountability. The new procedures will aim to enhance the administration in the two following areas for businesses and job seekers.
The procedures will target vacancies that are in connection with an employment permit first time application and renewals that have not surpassed three years. The department will issue official letters to the business representatives that will provide insight on the availability of suitable applicants for the registered vacancies during the period of validity. The companies will then be required to submit the issued letter to Section Employment Permits when applying for a renewal or first time employment permit.
The department in addition will also provide clear information to job seekers as it regards the assessment results and job search activities executed on their behalf by the job placement team. The information provided to the jobseeker is important as 60% of the clients at Social Services belong to the labor market and are therefore eligible for employment. This information is valuable insight for the team at Social Services in accordance with existing legislation as some of the job seekers may be receiving financial assistance or plan on applying for financial assistance.
On March 30, 2015 in accordance with legislation the department will also provide more detailed guidelines to the business community as it regards AB 2013 GT. No. 357 article 9 of the National Ordinance; “the company needs to demonstrate that sufficient effort has been exerted to source suitable applicants from the local labor force”. The department will require all businesses per this date to adhere to a few additional stipulations, which will be monitored closely by the various sections.
In anticipation of the implementation date the department will host an information session for invited guests and the general public at large about the new working procedures. The information is important for persons charged with the administration for HR affairs and the processing of employment permits. More information will also be available online via the website The community is asked to monitor the government information page during the coming weeks as more information will be made available.