(Disseminated to the media via MedPRo Media Distribution Services) UP MP Meyers awaits finding in SZV card selling scheme

An investigation is currently on the way at the Social and Health Insurance Funds SZV into allegations of an employee selling SZV cards to people who are not properly registered or who are not actually paying premiums.
United People’s (UP) party deputy leader Member of Parliament (MP) Franklin Meyers said Monday he is eagerly awaiting the results of the investigation.
“This situation, if proven as true, has severe consequences for the viability of SZV, for the country and for every hard working person on St. Maarten who pays their premiums every month as the law prescribes,” he said.
Meyers was made aware of the alleged card selling scheme recently. He took the opportunity to voice his concerns to SZV representatives in a closed session of Parliament’s Permanent Committee for Public Health, Social Development and Labour on Monday morning.
“When I learned about the situation I had planned on raising my concerns with SZV. Subsequently, a meeting was called by SZV on other topics and I took that opportunity to bring my concerns there,” said Meyers.
The investigation is ongoing and SZV was not in a position to share details with MPs or the public.
“I commend the SZV team for what appears to be their diligent response to report of the card selling. I await the outcome of the investigation. I hope the situation is not too widespread so as to jeopardize this vital aspect of our social system,” said Meyers.