To the Chairperson of Parliament, The Honorable Dr. L. Richardson

To the Chairperson of Parliament,
The Honorable Dr. L. Richardson
Parliament Building
St. Maarten

March 3, 2015
Dear Sir,
Kindly see below questions, which I kindly request that you forward urgently to the
respective ministers of Government. Given government’s stated collective responsibility
for government owned companies, I ask that these questions be sent to the Prime
Minister and the Minister responsible for Harbor Affairs.
Kind regards,

Sarah Wescot-Williams
MP (Democratic Party)
In the wake of the 911 attacks in the United Stated, The International Ship and Port
Facility Security Code or ISPS Code was developed to enhance the security of Ships
and port facilities. Given the large contributions made by the marine sector on St
Maarten, both in terms of freight and tourism revenues, security of our port facilities
could definitely be considered a matter of national importance.  
Terrorist attacks, smuggling and disasters could all have serious financial
consequences for St Maarten. Therefore parliament not only has every right to
investigate recent allegations but has an obligation to investigate recent allegations
regarding the Security procedures at St Maarten’s ports of entry.  
What would be the impact of a terrorist attack on a cruise ship in St Maarten waters?  
What would be the consequence if St Maarten became a major drug, weapons or
human smuggling transshipment port?  
Financial Stability  
The financial stability of the main security subcontractor at the harbor becomes a
national security issue. If reports of a Naf 2.3Million debt to SZV are correct, this leads
to serious questions and concerns.  
A company that is heavily in debt becomes vulnerable to external influences. Would a
company in financial trouble be willing to turn a blind eye when it comes to smuggling