Suspect arrested for fire-arm possession

On Monday, March 2nd at approximately 11.35 p.m. information came into the Central Police Dispatch that shots were fired in the vicinity Belair. Immediately several patrols were sent to that area to investigate. The entire Belair area was searched any results. The search continued in the Fort Willem area. There is where a patrol saw a man riding on a scooter and who is well known to police to carry a fire-arm.
The investigating officers stopped this man on the Cannegieter Street in order to carry out a routine search. The man was asked to hand over all documents for the scooter, but could not so. He was then asked to allow them search the scooter, which he agreed. While searching the scooter, a caliber. 45 pistol was found. The suspect was immediately arrested and the fire-arm confiscated. He was taken to the Philips burg Police Station where he remains in custody for further investigation.