NAGICO staff plants garden for Sr. Basillia Center

As part of our commitment to give back to the community, through our NAGICO Lend a Hand program; a group of staff from NAGICO Insurances visited the Sister Basillia Center in St. Johns Estate on Saturday morning, where they created a vegetable garden for the residents and staff of the center, to aid in their healthy eating food program.

More than a dozen staff of NAGICO arrived at the Center’s head Quarters in St. Johns early Saturday morning; equipped with gardening tools, seeds, manure, soil, paint and customized wooden plant boxes which they used to get to work immediately to create a beautiful garden which was requested by the Center’s Activities Coordinator; Mireya Torrenga – Maria.

“At NAGICO we are known to sponsor and donate to a number of community events and projects on a daily basis, but for this year we wanted to do more by taking a more hands on approach,” Executive Marketing Manager Paul Dijkhoffz said. “We began in December with the NAGICO Food Drive which was very successful after that we had internal discussions as to how much we could impact the lives of people more in our community and be more involved in the process.”

According to Dijkhoffz, NAGICO’s Marketing and HR department have been carrying out an internal campaign which influenced their staff to volunteer for community service. The NAGICO Lend a Hand Community program will consist of approximately 7 community projects per year, which are submitted by non-profit organizations, schools and other groups which are in need of help.

“This was a successful project for us, we had a good turnout, with a mix of staff and management coming out to help” he said. “Every staff that signed up showed up on time and excited, some even brought their children to assist and interact with the residents and staff of the Sister Basillia Center. I am very proud of the NAGICO staff; they really embrace the company’s philosophy that our clients are our neighbors and have adopted the kind compassionate culture; which is The NAGICO Way of doing things.”

Some of the vegetables planted were; lettuce, spinach, green peas, carrots, cucumber among others.