Minister Fleming-Artsen says Dutch Chairman of Kingdom Relations Committee has a Positive Outlook on Building Relations

Minister Plenipotentiary Hon. Josianne Fleming-Artsen met with Dutch Second Chamber of Parliament Chairman of the Kingdom Relations Committee Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Jeroen Recourt as part of her orientation visit to different government entities in The Hague since becoming minister.

The purpose of the visit was to gather information with respect to the next Kingdom Conference which has been rescheduled to be held on Curacao.

“It is important that as a representative of the Government of Sint Maarten here in the Netherlands, that you have a good relationship with the different players.

“It helps to build relations and for the other party to have a better understanding about developments within the country.  MP Recourt when he was appointed to chair the committee stated that he will contribute to the strengthening of the relations between the Netherlands and Sint Maarten, Curacao and Aruba.

“The inter-parliamentary discussions within the Kingdom provide a very good platform for the building and strengthening of relations.  MP Recourt has a positive outlook on building relations with Sint Maarten,” Minister Plenipotentiary Hon. Josianne Fleming-Artsen said.

MP Recourt is a member of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA).