Independent MP Leona Marlin-Romeo wants it Clearly Defined on Public Access to Beaches

Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Leona Marlin-Romeo has sent a request on Friday February 13th to the Chairman of the Committee Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport &Telecommuncation Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Frans Richardson for a meeting to be held on the current Beach policy of Sint Maarten, and having public access to the beaches.

“The growing disputes between hotel owners and beach vendors, and citizen’s frustration to access the beaches on Sint Maarten have my attention. Beaches on the island are public domain and should not be considered as private property. Whatever obstacles that are giving the impression that the beaches are private should be addressed immediately by Parliament in order to bring a proper balance to the situation,” MP Marlin-Romeo stated on Sunday.

The MP Marlin-Romeo will be advocating for an immediate change to the current policy and for the policy to include and clearly stipulate the following:

1. That the beaches of Sint Maarten are all public domain, whether man made or natural.
2. The beaches of Sint Maarten are not owned by any establishment or vendor and will remain public domains at all times.
3. Having road access to all of the beaches of Sint Maarten in order to allow full driving accessibility for the ambulance, fire truck and police in cases of emergency, regardless of the beaches being bordered by private property.
5. Space should always be available for everyone, this includes guests, non-guests, to access and make use of the beach at any given time.
6. All persons vending or establishments who are giving an added service to their guests should:
– stack both beach chairs and umbrellas and provide them only on a needed basis.
– both beach chairs and umbrellas are available for guests and non-guests.
-both beach chairs and umbrellas to be picked up by employees after usage of guest or non-guest.
–  a fee to be charge for the usage of both chairs and umbrellas by non-guests
7. The amount of chairs indicated on the business license does not signify that all of the chairs should be placed on the beach at any given time. Chairs should be placed on the beach only upon being used this will ensure that sufficient space is there for everyone.