Police Traffic Report for January 2015

The Police traffic Department is reporting that there are many collisions taking place on the island after which drivers drive away without leaving the necessary information behind, the so-called “hit and run.” In addition this, it has become quite regular that drivers who are involved in a traffic accident are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a combination thereof, which causes them to be unable to drive properly.

The traffic department is paying a lot of attention to the perpetrators and will make sure they are brought to justice. The Public Prosecutors Office and the Police Department have been in consultation regarding these illegal acts and many agreements have been made.

For the month of January 18 cases of “Hit and Run” were registered. Of these accidents thus far, nine cases have been solved. 6 cases will be taken to court where the suspects will have to give their account of the accident in front of the judge.

Also in January, two drivers were arrested after a collision because they were under the influence of alcohol. These suspects will also be summoned to appear in court.