Status of the execution of the Plan of Approach

The project leaders have made their presentation to the project bureau and their plans are now being executed. In terms of execution, this is the first government that submitted their integrity forms in accordance to the law timely to the Council of Advice and General Audit Chamber. During every CoM meeting, it is verified with the Ministers present, if there is any conflict of interest for any agenda points.

The project leader made a presentation to the project bureau end of last year during which an overview was presented of the laws and adjustments of the laws that were needed to implement the recommendations.

Project HRM (Personnel Affairs)
The project leader also made a presentation to the project bureau, also containing an overview of proposed measures in the functioning of the civil servants under the existing laws (LMA).

Project Communication
The project leader also gave a presentation to the project bureau on the steps that should be taken in order to come with a strategic communication plan, with as aim more involvement of the civil servants in developing applying integrity at work (be aware what is integrity) and also to communicate the message of the actions of government on the issue of integrity.

Project Integrity chamber.
The project leader of this project will be the secretariat of the integrity chamber. At this moment Government has a draft national ordinance establishing an integrity chamber.

Game Control Board
On the gaming control board: both the ministry of TEZTV and ministry of Justice have‎ drafted laws on the gaming control board each from their own perspective. The Ministry of Justice will ensure that the laws comply with international requirements (CFATF). Within short meetings will be organized to bridge the differences and merge the two laws into one and initiate the formal legal procedure for establishing the law.

Code of Ethics
Ready in draft format and will be presented to the Minister of General Affairs this month (FEB – 2015).

Oath of office for all civil servants
Execution was mandated to the Ministers. P&O is updating its inventory of all civil servants that have yet to take the oath and will schedule quarterly dates with each minister’s cabinet for the oath taking. First one will take place in March of this year.

Disciplinary Measures
Two matters pertaining to disciplinary measures are currently being worked on. Firstly, P&O is working on a proposal to have light disciplinary measures mandated to the SG’s. Secondly, P&O is working on creating uniformity across the board by linking specific measures to specific derelictions of duty so that similar disciplinary action is taken against persons regardless of where they work.

Government has started since last year to provide workshops on the performance management cycle to the ministries. This year this is also being done for the Ministry of Justice, where it will be incorporated throughout that ministry with the assistance of the central department of P&O.