Release by the DP Faction in Parliament.

The meeting requested by three members of the opposition in Parliament on December 18, regarding the Harbor Group of Companies has been convened for Tuesday, February 10, 2015. It will be a meeting of the Central Committee of Parliament, which meetings are open to the public.

The members who requested this meeting back in December are MPs Silveria Jacobs, George Pantophlet, and the undersigned.
In their request, the members of Parliament cited the issues that are playing regarding this government company as the following:
– Head tax issue
– The Deher’s marina project
– The Causeway (TOT payment)
-The Crane issue
– Government dividend and payment for the FCCA conference

The presence of the ministers was requested and ministers Conner and Hassink have confirmed to be at the meeting on Tuesday. The public is hereby invited to tune in.

In an unrelated matter, the Supervisory Board of the SMHDF (St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation) has declined the invitation to meet with Parliament regarding recent developments at the foundation. This invitation was extended based on discussions in the permanent committee of Parliament for Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure on Friday, as well as the adjourned CC meeting on the same matter. More on this in a subsequent release.
Sarah Wescot-Williams,
MP (DP Faction)