Update on ongoing armed robberies

The Detective Department is reporting that there is a lot of progress in the investigations of many of the ongoing armed robberies which have taken place in the latter part of 2014 and in the beginning of 2015. These investigations include the armed robberies of Beach Plaza Casino which took place on November 2nd 2014, the armed robbery of the R.B.C. bank on the Cannegieter Street which took place on December 30th 2014 and the armed robbery of the Ultimate Jewelers store on Front Street which took place on January 11th 2015. The Detective did not want to divulge too much information to avoid hampering the investigations. The investigation into the armed robbery at the Atlantis Casino which took place on November 16th 2014 thus far has had the best results. In this investigation thus far, three suspects have been arrested and who are in custody awaiting a court date.

Even though these investigations are progressively moving forward there is still much more to be done. The Detective Department is therefore asking all persons in the community who may have information that could help finalize these investigations, to come forward and give this information by calling our 9300 telephone tip line or call the police department directly using the phone number 54-22222 ext. 113, 204 and 205 during week days from 08.00 a.m. through 04.00 p.m. After all solving these armed robberies or any other criminal act is in the best interest of country Sint Maarten.