In the early morning of January 31st , 2015, around 2:15 AM, a public act of violence took place on Saba on the Paris Hill Road. A 25 year old man from Saba was seriously injured. The police was alerted and arrested two suspects in the act concerning public violence, assault with a weapon and attempted murder. It concerns the 30 year old suspect with initials L.E.H., residing in Saba and the 20 year old suspect with initials M.A.G.H, residing in Saba. Both suspects were transferred to the Police Station in The Bottom and taken into custody. The victim was hospitalized and treated for various injuries. Later that day, in the evening the police arrested a third suspect in the case, on order of the Public Prosecutor. It concerns the 25 year old suspect with initials M.M.G.L. , from St. Maarten. This suspect is also in police custody. The police seized the weapon that was used in the assaults and continues the investigation of these acts of violence and attempt to manslaughter.