MLK host mock election

This week  students of the Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School were given the opportunity to cast their ballots in a ‘mock election’, which was part of the Project Approach on Citizenship/Government. The Cycle 2 year 2 students along with their classroom Teacher Tracy Joseph worked diligently to create manifestos which highlighted the goals each party expected to achieve if they win the election.
The aim of this project was to enable students to be active learners as they demonstrate an understanding of some fundamental rights of the Dutch citizen, that is, the right to vote and be voted for. This activity also developed awareness of the election process and how a government is formed.

“We are equipping our students with the educational experiences to be ready for the democratic and political responsibilities of continuing to lead this country forward in the coming years,” remarked School Manager Stuart Johnson.

As students campaigned throughout the school the core social values, such as, respect and fairness among peer were reinforced.  Pupils also learned teamwork through this endeavor. The ideas of each party were supported and all members were respected. The teacher hopes that the values and insight students have gained  from the Project Approach about citizenship and government, would   have  informed them about civic issues that affect them and their families, and become especially useful when they grow older.

“I was fortunate also cast my ballot for the respective party and candidate who I could identify with my beliefs. I congratulate Teacher Joseph and her students for a job well done,” Johnson concluded.