Minister Richardson:Language is no blockade in passing Timeshare legislation

Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson on Thursday stressed that Parliament should proceed with urgency in establishing Timeshare protection legislation, “this should be done forthwith,” the Minister said.

Minister Richardson, speaking in Parliament during the budget debate, explained to Parliament that the Council of Advice objection that the draft law should be written in Dutch, should not be looked at as a blockade to establishing the law.

He said as St. Maarten has two official languages, Dutch and English, Parliament can handle and pass the law in English and have it translated into Dutch later on.

“I recommend that the problems signaled by council of Advice be addressed content wise and the law handled forthwith given the damage done to our country with the law not being in place (to protect Timeshare owners),” the Minister said.
“It is urgent for the Country of St. Maarten to not lose our image in the United State which could impact our economy seriously. We should handle the advice of the Council of Advice, but the specific situation of timeshare demand that we act.”