On Tuesday at approximately 08.30 a.m. a special police team carried out a search the Sint Maarten Vocational School in Reward. The search was done on the request of the management of that school based on information that students of that school were either using drugs, dealing drugs or in the possession of weapons. The search was carried out on the school premises where all schoolbags were searched. At the same time the school premises were by the Police K-9 team. During the search some firecrackers, a box cutter and a small amount of marihuana was found. The goal of this search is to regain a drug free, weapons free school and also to regain a feeling of security at school. None of the students were arrested during the search; however one student was taken to the Philipsburg police station to be reprimanded about his conduct. The 15 year old student in question, on Saturday January 24th pushed a female police officer, used profanity towards her and ran away. The mother of this student was called to the police station and she was informed about her son’s behavior. The student was severely reprimanded by the Community Police Officer of the Reward area, in the presence of his mother concerning his behavior and then released in her custody.