OCW Grateful to Education Taskforce Saba Comprehensive School

State secretary Sander Dekker from the Ministry of OCW (Education, Culture and Science) is very pleased with the implementation of the new SCS(Saba Comprehension School) School board. He stated: “I am happy that the conditions have been fulfilled for the school to proceed with the necessary developments and improvements to be able to offer the Saban pupils education in accordance with the Dutch quality standards.”
As laid down in the “Education Agenda” of 2011, which was signed by all education stakeholders concerned, In 2016 the schools in the Caribbean Netherlands (Saba, St. Eustatius and Bonaire) will have to comply with the basic Dutch educational standards. In the year 2014 the SCS went through many challenges. A new Educational Taskforce (ETF) was formed, in order to help the school in the process of restoring tranquillity and getting back on track with the education improvement process. The EFT consists of Commissioner Chris Johnson of Education and Secondary Education board coaches Wim Littooij and Sjoerd Slagter from the Dutch VO-Raad (Council for Secondary Education).

The EFT analyzed the situation at the SCS in terms of Governance and the educational level and quality and implemented a number of necessary measures. According to the ETF at this moment all conditions are met for the school to successfully proceed with the running education improvement processes. State secretary Sander Dekker is grateful to the ETF for their work and especially to Commissioner Johnson of Education for his efforts, resulting amongst others in the formation of a new school board.