Nature Foundation Representatives Complete Specialized Dive Instructor Training to Teach Youth

Nature Foundation representatives Lucas Berman and Tadzio Bervoets recently became certified CMAS Dive Instructors, qualifying them to especially conduct dive training for youngsters as part of the Nature Foundation Snorkel Club and Junior Ranger Youth Programs.

Two dive instructors from the Netherlands, Jan and Marlies Groenhof, spent two weeks on the island instructing both Berman and Bervoets on the technical aspects of using the CMAS method in giving dive instruction to new divers enabling young students to be given thorough and safety oriented dive education.

Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) is an international federation that represents underwater activities in underwater sport and underwater sciences and oversees an international system of recreational snorkel and scuba diver training and recognition. It is also known by its English name, the World Underwater Federation, and its Spanish name, Confederacion Mundial De Actividades Subacuaticas. Its foundation in Monaco during January 1959, by amongst others renowned oceanographer Jaques Cousteau, makes it one of the world’s oldest underwater diving organisations.

With the Nature Foundation now having two CMAS Instructors the organization can also fall under the Dutch Underwater Association, the only organization outside the Netherlands to do so.

Instruction for students under the Snorkel Club and Junior Ranger Program will start during the Carnival Vacation