Member of Parliament De Weever encourages senior participation

Independent Member of Parliament Cornelius De Weever is encouraging our seniors to participate in more activities, such as having a senior parliament.
“I would like to thank the foundation for organizing a wonderful gathering and lunch for our senior citizens. It was a pleasure to have all/many of the different senior citizens organizations and services together and I am of the opinion that we need to organize a parliament for our senior citizens similar to our youth parliament,” said MP Cornelius De Weever.
MP De Weever further stated that lunches, tours, cruises organized for them is all good and well, but there is so much more they can contribute. Senior citizens should have their own voice and we can all learn from them. They have a lot of knowledge and experience that we can use to improve their lives and ours when we reach their age in a few years.
“It is unfortunate that we cannot use our current parliament building due to the way it was constructed but whatever support I can give them from parliament, I will gladly do so,” said MP De Weever.