Labor Inspection CN shuts down dangerous construction activities on Bonaire

Wednesday, 21 January 2015 the Labor Inspection Caribbean Netherlands on Bonaire used its authority to shut down activities. Two inspectors gave the construction supervisor on a construction at Kaya J.N.E. Craane in Kralendijk an official order to suspend work. The main reason to stop the construction activities was due to the fact that there was immediate and grave danger for the construction workers. The construction was very poorly protected against falling from heights, as a result of which the construction workers were in grave danger of falling down. The likelihood of fatalities was considered to be great.

After the construction activities were shut down, the company immediately started making the proper arrangements. Thursday morning, 22 January the shut-down was lifted by the Labor Inspection.


The Labor Inspection has the legal authority to order the suspension of work in all situation in which the provisions of the Occupational Safety Act (Arbeidsveiligheidswet) are not complied with. If necessary, the Labor Inspection may call in the help of the police. If an order for suspension of work is not complied with this can result in criminal prosecution.


In view of the current safety situation in the construction sector, the Labor Inspection reckons that orders for the suspension of work may be given more often in the future. The Labor Inspection urges construction companies to be alert to the safety of the construction workers at work, as it is in everybody’s interest to prevent accidents at the construction site.