Minister Fleming-Artsen meets with Cft representative Dekker

Minister Plenipotentiary Hon. Josianne Fleming-Artsen recently met with Sybilla Dekker who is a member of the Board of Financial Supervision (Cft).

The meeting was of an orientation nature where the minister got acquainted with the current state of affairs of the Cft while Dekker had the opportunity to meet the minister in her official capacity.

“I was very pleased with the orientation visit and we are looking forward to having regular meetings.  I informed Dekker that the approval of the draft 2015 national budget was a priority for the new government before the set deadline by the Cft.

“Once the Cabinet was sworn in on December 19, 2014, the completion of the 2015 draft budget was the main priority.  The Parliament of Sint Maarten on Thursday started its deliberations regarding the budget and I am confident that it will be approved before the Cft deadline,” Minister Plenipotentiary Hon. Josianne Fleming-Artsen said on Thursday.

Sybilla Dekker was appointed as of July 1st, 2012 and has been a member of the Cft ever since.  Dekker is a former Dutch Minister of Public housing, Regional Planning and Environment Management from May 2003 until October 2006 during the second and third Balkenende Cabinets.

In the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dekker was known as president of the Council of Supervision of the Antillean Co-financing Organization AMFO which she use to be a part of from 2007.